Nuestro team

Who is behind Grupo Go?

We are a mix of youth and experience, a diverse team united by our audacity and expertise in the field of digital marketing. At Grupo GO, we are passionate about what we do, and together we work to meditate, plan and create brand experiences that go beyond the conventional.

Our "je ne sais quoi", our unique touch, lies in our passion and diversity, our creativity and integrity. These are the values ​​that drive us and make us unique, and they are the pillars on which we build our success and that of our clients.

Our Values



Staying as we were was not an option. GO GROUP. It does not stop growing, in staff, hiring professionals from all areas of Marketing and in expertise, for leading brand projects in any imaginable sector.


We are close and transparent at all times when we communicate with people. It is important for us that the client is informed so that he can follow each milestone of his project with GO.

GOFor challenges

We feel comfortable with challenges and situations of uncertainty do not make us cower. Taking on challenges in the world of Digital Marketing and Influencers gives us a purpose to work and improve day by day.

GOAnd lead the way

Being pioneers in Influencer Marketing gives us the opportunity to have a portfolio of more than 60 content creators. In addition to easy access to the general panorama of Influencers and Talents from all over the world.

GOWith the team

We have development in the entire vertical - from strategy to audiovisual production - which allows us to provide comprehensive support to the client and a complete offer, in order to ensure that the campaigns are completed successfully.

GOTo the front lines

Our work in the world of Social Marketing, RRSS and Productions is work that we are proud of. We know that it is a world of constant stimuli and tireless changes, but this does not stop us from giving 200%.

Our philosophy

At Grupo GO, we are more than a work team: we are a famly. Our union and experience allow us to build from our essence, always working with the heart and enthusiasm that characterizes us. Every project we undertake is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment and passion for what we do. We support each other, celebrate our successes and overcome challenges together, because we know that it is our collaboration and our team spirit that drives us forward.


Paloma Miranda
Founder & CEO
Jaime Pérez Seoane
Managing Partner


Jose Gordillo
Head of Sales
Cristina Cárdaba
Strategy Manager
Alessandra Pérez
Sales Manager


Marta Bermúdez
Senior Media Manager
Carolina Galvañ
Design Manager
Amaya Polvorosa
Media Manager
Natalia García de Léaniz
Media Executive


Cristina Checa
Head of Management
Anadía Delgado
Head of Creator Management
Luis Goicoechea
Senior Brand Manager
Ángel Álvarez
Senior Creator Manager
Paula Oliver Yañez
Senior Brand Manager
Marta García Villanueva
Senior Creator Manager
Lía Gmelch
Creator Manager
Marilia Segurado
Creator Manager
Lucía González
Project Manager
Eva Pérez
Project Manager
Beatriz Menchén
Project Manager
Manuel Durán
Brand Executive
Laura Santamaría
Account Executive
Inés  Brun
Project Executive
Alejandra Godino
Manager Assistant
Jara De la Fuente
Manager Assistant

Tkers Management

Jaime Vargas
Area Director
Alejandro Ahijado
Area Manager
Diego Suárez
Senior Brand Manager
Georgy Danilevskiy
Brand Manager
Ana Piñero
Brand Manager
Camille Vento
Brand Manager
Carmen Núñez
Brand Manager
Esther García
Creator Manager
Antonio Calderón
Project Assistant


Noelia López
PR Executive


Álvaro Zorrilla
Senior Producer
Sam Fernández
Senior Producer


Berenice Barricarte
Financial & People Director
Marina Martín
People Specialist
Daniel Sánchez
Senior Accountant
Sandra Franco
Accounting Assistant