Leading and innovative company in the field of digital marketing. With a solid track record and deep knowledge of the sector, we offer high-quality personalized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. At Grupo Go, we are committed to premium talent, thus ensuring exceptional service in all our interactions.
Empresa líder e innovadora en el campo del marketing digital. Con una trayectoria sólida y un profundo conocimiento del sector, ofrecemos soluciones personalizadas de alta calidad que se adaptan a las necesidades específicas de cada cliente. En Grupo Go, nos comprometemos con el talento premium, asegurando así un servicio excepcional en todas nuestras interacciones.

About Grupo Go.

Since our founding in 2015 by Paloma Miranda, we have established ourselves as leaders in the world of influence marketing and digital communication.

Our philosophy is simple but effective: we combine the charisma of our content creators with the innovation of our productions focused on social networks, supported by the disruptive work of our digital team. We create authentic and lasting experiences that connect brands with audiences in exceptional ways.

We are proud to be the strategic ally for prominent brands in the lifestyle, consumer goods, travel and food sectors, among others. Our commitment is to excellence and innovation. From scouting, selection and talent management to media and event production, we approach each project with passion and professionalism, always seeking to exceed our clients' expectations.

With more than 80 exclusive creators and a global network of celebrities, content creators and micro-influencers, we form a diverse and heterogeneous digital talent structure. The recent addition of Tkers to the GO Group has expanded our presence on leading platforms such as TikTok, allowing us to design comprehensive strategies and cover an even broader spectrum of major digital platforms. Join the digital marketing revolution and discover the power of working with us.

Welcome to Grupo GO, where excellence and innovation meet!

Influence Starts Here. GO
in the digital and influencer marketing industry.
exclusives and a network of +2,000 influencers.
carefully crafted and personalized.
passionate about what we do.

Our services

We position your brand through carefully crafted digital marketing strategies, campaign and event production, as well as personalized communication strategies.
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A wide network of digital talent, both internal and external, covering all areas from fashion and sports, to humor, lifestyle, sustainability, art and music. Our creator vertical is currently made up of the two leading representation agencies in the market: Go Talents and T-Kers.
Our extensive experience in all digital marketing verticals allows us to design completely personalized strategies adapted to your specific objectives.
We create the most innovative campaigns in collaboration with creative directors, copywriters, strategists and experts with deep knowledge of the audiovisual sector.

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Real results are worth a thousand words... Do you want to know how we bring our campaigns to life?
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