Casio | Gshock

We have challenged time and Casio in this “Shock me in 0 coma” campaign, where creativity has been the greatest ally of the content creators who have participated.
Through the collaboration of influential profiles in the urban environment, we were presented with the challenge of   promoting participation in the "Shock Me in 0 coma" contest.

This contest involved completing a challenge in the shortest time possible, while clearly emphasizing and associating the core values ​​of the campaign: toughness , urban style and creativity. In this way, our objective was to establish an obvious differentiation with respect to the classic Casio model, generate awareness and create good performance. The biggest challenge that arose was the UGC; That is, the users participated in the challenge prompted by the participation of the influencers. Challenge achieved!
During November 2023, Grupo Go and G-Shock joined forces in a campaign designed together with Lightbros and focused on those people who want to innovate and improve themselves every day.

Firstly, we select creators related to the values ​​of the campaign, with urban influence and creatives, willing to participate in the contest. Secondly, we worked on personalizing the brief and on a creative proposal of the challenges tailored to each profile, in addition to content management and support in the contest procedures. Finally, a video was produced of the entire history of the contest with the most relevant content of the talents of the campaign.
Main KPIS:
Results obtained with UGC:
  • More than 190 contents have been created adding all formats.
  • We have obtained +30M impressions with the content created, well above expectations.
  • The push of paid impressions (22M) has allowed us to achieve a CPM of 5,7€
  • In addition to the hard metrics, it is worth highlighting the enormous quality and technical level of the challenges proposed by the creators.
  • More than 145,000 impressions have been achieved with the content that the community has created to participate in the #ShockMeEn0Coma challenge..
  • Participation has been on both Instagram Reels and TikTok.
  • The team chose its finalists, and the jury decided the winner of the challenge.