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Throughout 2023, Back Market is committed to GO to give visibility to its marketplace of refurbished products, as well as increase trust and confidence in them among the Spanish public.
Raise awareness of Back Market in Spain and increase trust in the platform and in the sale of refurbished products, through content creators. We work throughout the campaign with creators, differentiating between the needs, requirements and objectives of each group.
The strategy has focused on two types of audiences:
We create different campaigns throughout the year:
  • CFO: profiles more focused on publicizing the benefits related to price, product safety or the fact of their guarantee.
  • Creative Class: profiles focused on giving more visibility to the features and showing reconditioned products as something “cool”.
  • We started in Q2 with messages focused on quality, sustainability and value for money, seeking to generate trust in the brand.
  • During Q3, the focus was on summer and back to school, highlighting messages about creators committed to sustainability and travel, as well as the best options for returning to routine.
  • On Black Friday, we featured creators whose messages were focused on living a more sustainable life. We wanted to change the perspective. Instead of encouraging compulsive buying, we promote responsible purchasing.
  • In early 2024 we held an event together with the brand. A booth was set up for people to bring their old electronic devices and in exchange receive cultural offers instead of cash: from movie tickets to gastronomic experiences.
Some of the metrics obtained:
  • More than 200 contents have been created adding all the formats among which we have had IG, TT, YouTube and live on Twitch.
  • We have obtained +33M impressions with the content created. Obtaining an annual CPM of €6.73.
  • The metrics and quality of the content and proposals by the creators have helped us ensure that the results of the campaign have been excellent in every way
  • Total reach: 17,984,383